Hello, I’m Paul A Sparrow, and I invented ProView.

10 years ago I filed a Patent for a brilliant idea. This was to be an amazing experience for me as it would be for any Inventor, to see their invention take off, so I secretly recorded it’s progress to make a video for my own private reflection. Sadly it is now being used to provide evidence! This is what happened!

Time to Name & Shame! – This happens to so many Inventors!

HISTORY; I am a Professional Tradesman of over 27 years on the Tools, but I was unemployed when I started this project, just trying to create an income stream after being ripped off by some employers and left for broke. But when I tried to License my new Invention to existing Manufacturers, on realising I had no funding support, those Companies I’d approached instead chose to just sit back and wait for me to go bust!

In my opinion they’re trying to force my Patents into the Public Domain so they can use my Invention for Free! The entire Level Industry knows I have the next evolution of the product, and they’re doing all they can to kill me off before I can get a footing.

When I created my own Brand and Company ‘X-Pro’ to market it myself they then refused to manufacture unless I gave them free use of my Patents? Had I done so it would have killed X-Pro at birth?

Regards funding support, I got none! I’ve been turned away for 10+ years because I fall outside the Criteria demanded by Banks/Investors and for Government Grants! So instead I released my own Crowdfunding Platform ‘BizKit-Tin’ (BKT) and raised just enough to launch my first product myself, the Dragonfly, only to have all my stock bought up and sat on by my own Distributor! In my view to protect their existing income streams from bigger clients like Stanley and Stabila? They’ve made No Effort to sell it to other Retailers, whilst telling me they had a Sales Team of 6 or 7 Guys out pushing it, but it takes time?

The most shocking and disgusting thing of all is that my Distributor ForgeFix, and their Parent Toolbank collectively turn over in excess of £150 Million GBP ‘PER YEAR’! And they’re trying to take the shirt off a Lone Inventor’s back, who’s just trying to get his project off the ground!

And Promotionally, I’m also denied any media coverage too despite the invention winning British Invention of the Year in 2009?

It is like having the Winning Lottery Ticket, yet being prevented from cashing it in! Which in turn prevents it from creating Jobs for others too!

Essentially, everywhere I turn I’ve been shut down and made to feel like I’ve done something wrong simply for having a great idea and asking for help to get it off the ground? It has always been denied Funding, Promotion and Distribution?

The Dragonfly is immediately available from at only £24.90 plus Shipping.

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BE THE CHANGE, NOT THE CHAINS! You just might Invent something yourself one day?