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Welcome to our New ProView eXcalibur Series BizKit-Tin Campaign

With the astonishing success of the ProView Dragonfly in our first BizKit-Tin Crowdfunding Campaign, we now want to bring our New ProView eXcalibur Professional Illuminated Box Level Series to life in a New Campaign too.

To do so we need to raise £21,000 GBP to pay for the initial Production Tooling and Pilot Production Run for the Firefly, and £80,000 GBP for the eXcalibur Series Box Levels, and ask if you can help us to achieve that goal simply by ‘Pre-Ordering’ them in advance of production?

In exchange for helping us reach our Target, we’re offering you a Approx. 25% discount off the expected minimum RRP when it is finally released into stores!

• 700 of the ProView Firefly at £30.00 or (RRP; £39.90?)
• 2,162 of the 600mm Versions at £37.00 or (RRP; £49.90?)
• 1,778 of the 900mm Versions at £45.00 or (RRP; £59.90?)
• 1,538 of the 1200mm Versions at £52.00 or (RRP; £69.90?)
• 1,333 of the 1500mm Versions at £60.00 or (RRP. £79.90?)
• 1,194 of the 1800mm Versions at £67.00 or (RRP; £89.90?)

We can also reach the Target from any mix of these sizes! (This Target/Breakdown does not include Shipping Costs.)

You can also check out some additional Perks via our new “ProView eXcalibur Pro Box Levels from X-Pro” Indiegogo campaign and help us meet our goal there too, at https://igg.me/at/xpro-excalibur – This carries Perks not available in this website so please take a look!

Should we exceed our Target, we may also be able to bring our Trade and DIY Versions forward as well? We aim to create a 3-Tier Range under our X-Pro Brand where;

• Green denotes the Top End Professional Series
• Orange denotes the Mid-Range Trade Series
• Yellow denotes the entry level DIY Series

The reality is that Targets like this could easily be achieved in a single day if People had the awareness and the confidence to support Projects like this, simply through buying in advance of Production!

With BizKit-Tin People can come together to help support our creative talent without then having to rely on Governments or the Wealthy 1% for backing. We can do it for ourselves instead!

I appreciate you taking the time to read this proposal, and I Thank you for your support.


Paul A Sparrow, MD 4octopus.com.
paul@4octopus.com, +44 (0) 7812 687082.

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