REINVENTING the Spirit Level


The next Evolution in the ongoing Innovation of an old Invention!
Check out our new X-Pro Spirit Level Demo Video above!

‘X-Pro’ is an exciting new and unique multiple award winning ‘User-Led’ brand, and our innovative new range of ‘ProView’ spirit levels, designed by a professional user, which went on to win ‘British Invention of the Year’ is our introductory product line.


Designed by ‘Innovative’ Tradesmen from all trades all over the World, we at X-Pro Tools aim to create a full set of tools with exciting new and innovative patented features which are born out of real on-site professional experience.

In many cases the Professional user will modify their tools to fit their specific needs, and in doing so they can introduce real practical new features and functions that other Professional, Trade and/or DIY users may not even realise they need until they first use them.

X-Pro – For the X-tra Professional – (The New eXcalibur Series!)


If you’ve ever used a conventional Spirit Level then you’ve probably at one time or another banged your hard-hat, head, glasses or face against something when trying to view the Bubble from the correct position to get a true reading of the vial? Maybe you’ve even pulled a muscle or two over the years whilst trying to get into the often awkward positions these levels force you into?

All conventional levels have the same inherent problems when it comes to reading them correctly because you must be viewing the vial from a perfectly perpendicular line of sight to the axis of the vial. For those new to using Spirit Levels, see the video (Below) to understand how to read a level correctly.


The solution was actually very simple, just add some mirrors into the body of the level and you solve the problems. The unique thing about ProView though is the specially calculated orientations of the mirrors which are carefully designed to reflect the vials into the most practical line of sight for the user.

All X-Pro levels have mirrors strategically built into them in special unique orientations allowing the user to see the vials from much more comfortable viewing positions, which makes using them much easier, safer and less awkward to use.


With the ever increasing emphasis on Health & Safety on the worksite for example, when you’re viewing the Vertical vial using the unique ‘PlumbView’ feature exclusive only to X-Pro Levels, you will no longer need to squash your face into the wall which would normally force you to take off your Glasses or Hardhat to get into the correct line of sight to see the bubble from the optimum viewing position.


When viewing the Horizontal Bubble via the unique ‘EndView’ feature which is also exclusive only to X-Pro Levels, you will no longer need to climb up into a shelf space to level front to back, or when levelling a Kitchen unit you no longer have to keep getting down on your knees adjusting the feet of the units from the bottom then standing to lean over the level to see the vial, you can simply look up the end of the level directly from the kneeling position where you are making the adjustments.

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