Paul A Sparrow

Paul A Sparrow
Serial Inventor
Personal Motto;

“One more step is all it takes!”



Paul A Sparrow is a bit of a Serial Inventor with many different Inventions in various stages of development.

It was from his experiences over a 27+ year period that the 4octopus Project was conceived and developed, utilising solutions he created and used himself to get over the many pitfalls an Inventor faces on their way to Marketing their new Project! And it’s many features will roll out as and when they can be introduced.

Here you can read up on some of Paul’s background and Projects;

001 Abstract and Milestones
002 X-Pro Newsletter 2016
003 X-Pro Story
004 BizKit-Tin Newsletter 2016
005 BizKit-Tin Story
006 Peter Pan Newsletter 2016
007 Peter Pan TV Gameshow
008 Peter Pan Boardgame Appraisal
009 Brainwaves, I Did This & Tycoon TV Shows

These are just some of Paul’s own Products!


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